What can you do to make it easier for your customers to do business with you? If you deliver poor customer service or even if you charge low prices, you will sooner than later loose your customers. But when you are able to deliver exceptional customer service, even if you charge higher, people won’t mind.

This article provides you with 5 best customer service practices.


Here’s how to turn customer service into a secret weapon for your business.


But why? Why should excellent customer service be your top priority…


#1. It reflects greatly on your entire business. It stands to reason that people will assume your good customer service flows to your products as well. And vice versa.


#2. It shows your customers that you care. Human beings naturally appreciate care and genuine concern; your customers are human beings and they need to know that you actually care about them and that you are genuinely interested in meeting the needs your products provide. And that you’re not just interested only in the revenue they bring. When you are courteous and take good care of your customers they feel reassured and safe doing business with you. And remember not to fake this behavior; some people can tell: most people actually.


#3. This is what they’ll remember about you. This is infact a number one reason why good customer service should be your company’s priority. It is what people will remember, and not just that but what they’ll talk about whenever your business is discussed.

In this next section, you will learn how to effectively implement the best customer services into your day-to-day business activities.


1.  Be in the business of 100 percent customer retention.

Whenever you feel that you are at the verge of losing a customer, do everything you can personally to get the customer back. In cases like this; you won’t be going too far if you actually call in for assistance from other people who work for you or work with you to help you salvage the situation.

Make losing customers (even one) a no-no for your business. And let your company culture reflect this practice.

As far as is humanly possible; ensure that you don’t loose customers: don’t accomodate any policy that allows a customer to simply walk away.


2. Understand what a customer is really saying.

Don’t assume that you have the solution when a customer’s problem comes up: be sure to get input from the customers as well. Find out what they consider a solution rather than assuming that they want the same solution that you would personally opt for. Some customers value money more than time; while some others value time more than money. If you don’t find out what a customer wants you will end up wasting time, money and efforts on a ‘solution’ that is of no value to them.


3. Keep your attitude fresh.

Keep your attitude and remain fresh at all times. You want to present yourself at your very best when dealing with customers or handling customer issues. Be excited when interacting with a customer. Even if this is the 100th customer you are dealing with today, the experience is the only one for that customer; so don’t mess things up. Your interaction with your 100th customer needs to be as fresh as it was for the very first for that day. Your customers are the centers of their universe; and it is your duty to make them feel that way.


4. Know your product or service.

Having every detail of your product and/or service at your fingertips is vital for excellent customer service and support. In order to provide good customer service, you need to know what you’re selling — inside and out. Make sure that you and all your staff know how your products and/or services work. Familiarize yourself with the must common questions that your customers ask and know how to answer those questions in such a way that will leave your customers satisfied.


5.  Ask for feedback.

Aside from expressing gratitude to your customers for every business. You shouldn’t forget about getting feedback from them on every service or business delivered. You will be surprised what you learn about your customers and their needs whenever you ask them what they think of your business, products and services. And then you have to take time to review feedback, identify areas for improvement, and make specific changes in your business to improve how you satisfy your customers.


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