Indomie noodles distributorship business is a well accepted product in Nigeria. It is one of the most widely consumed products in Nigeria and as gained so much popularity over the years. The time taken and speed involved to prepare the indomie noodles has endeared it to so many Nigerians; particularly the youth and children. If you visit a typical undergraduate hostel in the country, it’s most likely you will find indomie noodles as one of the food items acquired by its occupants | indomie distributor.

Evidently, so many Nigerian entrepreneurs have seized this great business opportunity to make money, enrich themselves and employ others.

How profitable is indomie distributorship? And in what ways can one make money as an indomie distributor in Nigeria?

Here are five ways that you can make money as an indomie distributor in Nigeria;


Sell to sub-distributors

As an indomie noodles distributorship in Nigeria; you have a very huge potential for growth and profitability considering the population and growth rate of the country. As an indomie noodles registered distributor, you are entitled to some rights other distributors may not enjoy. You get products easier, cheaper  from the company. This enables you to sell to other Sub-distributors at a rate where you get immense profits. This is because, as a registered distributor; you will need to buy at least 5000 indomie cartons.  Understand that your profit margin largely lies on the volume of products purchased and your monthly sales goals and targets.



Exclusivity involves granting indomie distributors exclusive rights to market ONLY indomie noodles products and no other accompanying products. Usually in the case of Dufil Prima; its product distributors are paid for exclusivity, which usually lasts for a year. Exclusivity generally involves paying; you; the product distributor, not to sell any other competitive products as far as the indomie noodles is concerned.

This is another money generating avenue for indomie registered distributors in the country. Once you get registered, you are given a monetary reward for not selling other competitive products. The money is usually paid after one year.


Year End Gifts

The Year End Gift(YEG) is given to all major stakeholders of the company and also its distributors. The year end gift is being delivered based on the profits made by the company that year. The company then decides to share part of their profits with their distributors.

Indomie firmly believes in appreciating it’s major stakeholders from its distributors , wholesalers to its consumers. The company each year, also gives out all sorts of prizes to distributors down to the end consumers.

De United Foods Industries Ltd ( Dufil) brand owners of indomie, has since its inception been awarding gifts to its best distributors.

The profit margin

The profit margin is the difference between the price the distributors buys from the company ( that is; the cost price), and the price that the company stipulates for the distributors to sell( that is; selling price). Usually for the 70-120g indomie brands, the distributor is mandated to sell the products at a profit margin of N50-70, while for indomie brands between 200-305g, the distributors are mandated to sell at a profit margin of N100. From this data, you can see that the profit margin at which distributors sell is highly profitable, and given the fact that they mostly sell out all their stick daily; it is evident that getting into indomie distributorship business is highly lucrative and is guaranteed to lead any entrepreneur to financial freedom at a steady pace.


Generally, distribution business has a very high profit margin. So as an entrepreneur considering this line of business, why not delve into the food chain distribution business? You can launch your own indomie distribution business today and explore the possibilities it holds for you. Evidently it has the capacity to make you rich, while also empowering others.

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For more contact information, you can teach this online platform;

Dealers Arena; This is an online platform where different manufacturers’ products information is being disseminated, giving opportunities to distributors, and raising sub-distributors¬† for different products.

You can contact the platform via the following media:

Email: dealersarena@gmail.com

Phone: +234(0) 9069236106, 08154522721

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    Please I will want to get more info about the distributorship, how to get connected and if I can start with a million naira. Thank you.

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    I will like to be a distributor, and will like to get more information, I am very new in this area, please help.

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