6 must-have skills for every distributor

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Please seat back and relax as you read through this articles, so here are the  are 6 must – have skills every distributor must seek to covet.

So what are the basic skills you need to demonstrate and possess as a product distributor? That’s exactly what this article will discuss on.

6 must-have skills for every distributor

#1.  Project management skills.  As a product distributor, you need to possess project management skills to be able to effectively manage your business.

The most important project management skills to possess as a distributor are as follows:

  • The ability to negotiate successfully for resources, budgets and schedules
  • A high degree of personal development and organisation
  • A proactive approach to risk management


#2.  Great communication skills.  It is very important that as a product distributor, you should be able to communicate well with your customers, staff, business partners etc. You should be able to articulate information and concepts such that anyone you are transacting business with can easily understand, regardless of whether they have knowledge in your field or not.


#3.  Operational skills.  Every distributor needs to have the necessary operational skills necessary for running their businesses. For example finance and business management skills and experience are necessary for your business to thrive. And also other activities that go on behind the scenes, such as warehousing, set up and organisation, customer service and so on. You need to be able to handle all these tasks and other things that may come your way. This is one of the skills that led to the growth of my business in the earlier years.


#4.  Organizational skills.  Having good organizational skills in your distribution business is an added advantage for you. Your ability to take stock of inventory, your list of sub distributors and retailers, constant networking, stocking your warehouse and the everyday upkeep of the business. All of these require organizational skills, and the better you are at it, the easier it will be for you to run your distribution business. For instance, when I started the online version of my distributorship business, I knew I needed to run swiftly, so guessed what I did? I outsourced! I engaged a high level professional organization to work for me and I am better for it.


#5.  Financial management skills.  Having money skills, a knowledge of accounting, and good financial management skills will most definitely ensure success in this business. In the business of distribution, you need to constantly work with buying, selling, inventory, discounts, purchases and credits. Without a good knowledge of financing and accounting, it could become difficult for you to run this business. I tell you, financial management is a must for you. If even if you are going to delegate, you show have a level of awareness that makes you understand whatever your accountants are telling you.


#6.  Delegation and time management.  Managing your time effectively may mean delegating some responsibility or task to someone else in your company. Failure to delegate is a trap many business owners fall into easily usually because they are reluctant to let go of control. You need to come to terms with the fact that you can’t successful run a distribution business all by yourself, you have to either delegate some tasks or simply outsource them. Once you begin to delegate tasks to people or employees, it will enable you to concentrate on those tasks that generate more revenue.


#7.  Networking skills.  Building good relationships through networking will help you to effectively grow your distribution business and give you the support you’ll need. This is how you can effectively increase your customer base and widen your revenue streams. The more people you know, the more relevant your business will become.


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