How to make money as a Power Oil sub distributor

The ultimate goal of any business is to make money, but it can’t be done overnight. Running a successful business takes creativity, planning and hard work on your part. You need to know how to run your business better than your competitors. You need to be able to overcome obstacles along the way, and make the connections and decisions to allow for the growth of your business.

Are you a Power Oil sub distributor? Or an aspiring sub distributor for Power Oil? Do you want to know how you can make more money and derive optimum profitability from your sub distributorship business? Then this article is for you.

Power oil is a brand from Dufil Prima PLC, and is indeed an oil like no other. This is indeed a healthy choice of vegetable oil for your family, the makers have made it affordable and is being presented in well-packaged packs for easy consumption; completely cholesterol free and nutrition packed; power oil is one of the fastest selling consumer goods in Nigeria. It is little wonder, so many entrepreneurs are beginning to consider power oil distribution/sub distribution as a viable business option in Nigeria.

Here are strategic guidelines on how you can make huge profits from your power oil sub distribution business in Nigeria.

How To Make Money From Power Oil

Starting a blog

Starting a blog is quite simple and straightforward. Blogging is one of the best ways that you can build authority in the power oil sub distributorship sector and create an organic audience over time. By becoming an authority in this business, you will end up attracting more customers rather than chasing after them.

Your blog should offer relevant information that people want to consume.

You have to give in order to get

Even if people are not ready to buy immediately, you can be sure that your brand will be strong in their minds: plus they might even be sharing your site to other people who are actually ready to buy now.

Your blog is a marketing tool; and yes, marketing is a nebulous term, especially if you’re an entrepreneur just starting out. You probably think of marketing and sales as synonymous terms, interchangeable in definition and in purpose — They are not. Sales is the process of getting a customer to buy from you. Marketing is how you position your products, find your customers, and decide how you’re going to reach them. Therefore, the purpose of your blog is not solely to generate sales, but it’s a place where you find your customers, feed them information and position your value offerings( your products); because the fact is that internet users don’t go on the internet to buy stuff, people are mostly on the internet to get information. So, what this tells us is this: To attract a large customer base; Then position your business to provide relevant information on the internet through your blog.


Gain experience

For you to get the kind of results you want from your business; whether or not you like it, you need experience. Experience is pivotal for success in your sub distribution business. This business is absolutely not a Get-Rich-Quick scheme; you need to leverage experience to arrive at results faster. And by this, I’m not saying you have to be in the business for 5years for you to have the necessary experience, certainly not. What I mean is this; work hard to gain experience, learn from established leaders in the area, learn, learn and learn everyday. You need to develop strategies that fit your business goals and targets. As you implement a strategy, you learn to customize it for your strengths and weaknesses and it becomes your own. In summary, you can gain experience through repetition, and you get more insights and in depth understanding about your business. Eventually, you will be able to start modifying tactics and processes to fit your team, your products, your target market etc.

How to make money as a Power Oil sub distributor

Free or discounted offers

You should seriously consider enticing customers with freebies in order to make more sales. You could offer to sell your products at a discounted price for a certain period of time for both old and new customers. And just like I mentioned earlier; ‘You have to give in order to get’. Quite simple. It won’t hurt to run little promos from time to time. This is how big manufacturing companies generate more sales for their products. And there is absolutely no reason why a smaller company/business should not run these kinds of freebies to generate more sales for their products in the long run. People will naturally want to sign up for anything that involves a potential windfall prize. Your giveaway needs to be worth your customers’ time.


Introduce new additions

If you are a power oil sub distributor that is already succeeding in your business endeavors, and still want to optimize your profits, you can consider adding a new product line or service to your business to create an entirely new profit center. Make sure that the product you choose is in line with your current product offering (power oil), market it and advertise well, and then develop a plan of action to incorporate this with power oil sales.


Connect with influencers

Influencers are people who have large social media following. These people can be very instrumental in marketing your business. So many big companies and multinationals such as coca cola, enlist the service of social media influencers to market their products and/or services; you should too. One near a instantaneous way to scale up your power oil sub distribution business is to get influencers on board to champion your product line. This is a quick way to get out in front of a very large audience.

How to make money as a Power Oil sub distributor

Get customers to buy at least 3% more often

Always encourage your customers to request for goods more often, start putting out text messages and making calls to maintain your growing network. Spend time looking for your target customers in and around your area, and then get them to come back more often or place higher orders for your power oil.

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