Are you a FMCG product distributor or perhaps looking to startup a your own distribution business?

Given the relatively low profit margin involved in the sales of FMCG products; there is still light at the end of the tunnel as it is  quite possible to make N50,000 daily from your distribution business.

FMCGs generally sell at lower prices and slimmer margins than durable consumer goods. However, they also sell at higher volumes.


Here’s how to leverage this high volumes to make at least N50,000 everyday.



Know your competitors

Having a fair knowledge of who your competitors are is very critical as far as making progress in this business is concerned. You simply cannot afford to take things like this for granted and expect to come out on top of your game. In many cases, knowing your competition is one of the best way to stay afloat in the industry. When you can easily anticipate your competitors moves, you can easily use that to guage your business’s profitability.

  • How much does your competitor sell his/her products?
  • What makes him/her so successful at their ventures?
  • How do they approach customers?
  • What marketing strategies do they use?
  • What is their unique selling point?
  • What is their leverage over your business?

The answers to these questions are a good start to getting you on a strong footing to start earning as much as you want.


Remember; your prospective customers are currently buying from your competitors right now. And that’s a negative for your profitability. Find out how you can pull sufficient patronage for your goods so as to help you meet your sales targets. Because, the fact is this; if your competitors weren’t there, it would have been you enjoying the market share.


Avoid selling consignment

Your sub distributors and retailers will be reluctant to buy FMCGs that they are not certain will move the market. And this usually happens when distributors decide to sell new products; usually your customers may offer to simply put the goods in their stores. If it sells, then they get to give you an agreed upon cut. But if it doesn’t sell, it’s your loss, and not theirs. This is called consignment selling, and it puts you as a distributor at a severe disadvantage. Including products like that can negatively impact your profitability, hence hampering sales targets. You want to avoid such goods as much as possible. Rather invest in products such as indomie noodles, Dano, Kellogg’s etc which are already in high demand. This way you are sure to be able to make up to at least N50,000 every day from your distribution business.


Build lasting relationships

The stronger your relationship with sub distributors, the more they will want to work with you and even give you quality recommendations and referrals. A stronger relationship will allow for your customers to trust you more. And the more your customers are loyal to you; the more sales you will make everyday for your business.


Your priority should be, first; To satisfy your customers and seek to improve your products and services in line with their needs. When your customers know you, like you and trust you, they will be much more likely to invest in your business, offer you a good contract, and even suggest your business to their customers and other business associates. Since Distribution business is a game of numbers, the higher your daily sales , the more money you earn every day.


Learn to be frugal

As a distributor, always look for ways to cut costs and maximize your profits. Having a big budget doesn’t cut it. Whenever you see a way of reducing costs as a startup distributor, then reach for it. The more money you can save, the more money you can keep. Quite simple, Ask yourself each time you want to get supplies or purchase stock; ” can I buy this cheaper elsewhere? ”


Stretch yourself

Our brains are naturally wired to save us from doing anything that could put the body under pressure. So you find that most people will rather stick to doing tasks that are more convenient and comfortable. But the fact is; No one can ever really make any impact operating from the comfort zone.


For example; I can only take on about 4500 words per day as a writer. But what if I decided to stretch myself and go further, possibly aiming for say, 7000 words per day? That sounds pretty impossible and even unrealistic. BUT it can be done! The more you attempt to stretch yourself and take actionable steps towards achieving your everyday business goals and targets, the higher your chances of getting the kind of results that come with such audacity. With these few points of mine, do you think you can make at least N50,000 from your distribution business daily?


Well I hope you do, because I’m sure that you can. Has this article been insightful?


If you wish to invest in high demand FMCGs such as minimie chin chin, Dano milk, Powerpasta, Power oil, Indomie noodles, Pringles, Kellogg’s, Hypo and many others.

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