HOW TO MARKET YOUR INDOMIE PRODUCTS Are you currently into Indomie noodles distribution, sub distribution, or retail business? Would you like to explore better ways of marketing your Indomie noodles products to maximize your profits? Learning how to market your products is key to the success of your business; to achieve this, you need to experiment with different marketing strategies.

This article explains a few strategic marketing tips that will help you market your indomie products.


Tell a story about your product

Marketing your favorite Indomie noodles brand shouldn’t be so complicated at all. Try something as basic as telling a true story about your favourite noodles brand, something that your target customers can easily relate to. For a simple example; how about relating a hilarious experience with your favorite indomie noodles brand, or perhaps some very fund experience? I bet you that so many people in your target market will resonate with this. Many product manufacturers out there fall into the trap of selling their products as against their experience with the product detailing how it meets their needs. The obvious truth is that no one wants your product, what they want is a solution to their problem — you following the trend? Good. It is important that when marketing your Indomie noodles brand, you talk about the benefits, features and facts. Quite simple. It’s not rocket science really, tell a story and the game changes.

According to a 2012 New York Times article, ” it’s easiest to communicate your product’s value in memorable ways through storytelling.



Leverage customer loyalty

Customer loyalty happens as a result of the positive customer experience or positive customer satisfaction that a customer gets from using a product or service. Such customers are willing to buy from and work with a brand repeatedly. Loyal customers can help a business grow faster, customer loyalty is therefore of utmost important to a brand’s success. It costs a business about 5 to 25 times more to get a new customer than it does to sell to an existing one. Loyal customers not only spend more with brands they trust, but they also spread positive word of mouth, by telling their family and friends about their positive experiences or provide recommendations.

Your favourite indomie noodles brand has a huge customer loyalty in and around Nigeria. The makers of indomie noodles, Dufil Prima PLC presently bpasts of an annual purchase levels that exceeds N15 billion per annum. You can leverage the customer loyalty that the indomie brand holds for your own business to boost sales.


Build strong customer relationships

Imagine the disappointment you’d feel when you’re so excited to receive a product only to discover the quality is poor or it has a lower quantity than expected and the customer service couldn’t even resolve the issue as they should, leaving you unhappy and unsatisfied. This is exactly the same way your unhappy customers feel.

Learn to cultivate a budding relationship with your customers. You need to be able to leave your customers satisfied as much you can — and you should. Treat your happy customers like your best friends and your unhappy customers well. Begin to notice customers who are always engaging with your store and build a relationship with them, you shouldn’t leave these things to chance. Be responsive. Always thank your customers. By building a strong relationship with your customers you will inadvertently turn them into loyal customers, which is what your business really needs now: as much loyal customers as possible.


Be active on social media platforms

If you’re in this business; just like every other business, you need to get your business out there. By this I mean engaging online platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all other social media platforms. A lot of people will tell you that they put their business out there but they don’t. You can’t expect to generate conversions you’ve only probably posted five times on Instagram. Marketing doesn’t work like that. You need to put up your business on several platforms and you also need to active on all those platforms if you want to get optimum results. Building up strong online relationships should be a part of your daily routine as a business. Whenever you are faced with complaints, or customer queries, respond to them timely, and then continue to work on growing and building a strong customer relationship.

Once you get consistent and active online; you’ll eventually see the results of your hard work through an increase in sales of your indomie products.




List your business with business directories

Whenever people go on the internet to get information about one business or the other, some mostly get such information from Nigerian business directories. So it would be a great idea to list your business with some good online business directories. You can register with any of the business directories available online to list your business for free and you will be able to market your products.

Here are some online business directories in Nigeria you can register your business with:

Having your business registered with sites like this can help skyrocket the sales of your products.


Try doing stuff your competitors won’t do

Based on your market survey for your business, did you know that you could actually come up with new and innovative ways of doing stuff, things that your competitors wouldn’t want to risk? For instance, if you’re an indomie noodles retailer, why not organise a free cooking contest using indomie noodles for a church program? Yes. This might cost you some money; but the fact is that you’re opening your business up to whole lot of business opportunities.

When Nike was just starting to grow, way before their first explosion in growth, they fearlessly tried what other companies wouldn’t do. They failed several times, not until the late 1970s, they used a then unknown and sometimes scoffed at marketing tactic: celebrity athlete endorsements. And by 1980, this marketing strategy catapulted Nike’s IPO and revenue growth to 270 million dollars!


Note: Your competitors want to play it safe and do the same old thing because they’re afraid they’ll loss their market position. Why not you step out of the box and try something new, even when it fails. Try again. You never know where your trial and errors will lead you. Don’t be afraid of being unconventional. Just like Nike; your business could sooner than later become a market leader. Learn from them.


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