Fast food indomie business is not new in the fast food business, and has been around for quite sometime now.

It is even more popular in densely populated regions like Lagos, Port Harcourt, Benin and many other Nigerian states.

Indomie fast food business is highly lucrative and can be a alternative revenue streams if you’re up to it.

Here’s how to get one started and running.

How to start a fast food indomie business

Have great culinary skills

First thing to do is make sure you’ve got great culinary skills and taste. Just running an indomie eatery is not as simple as it sounds. You need to be good at your stuff.

Creativity should be at the very core of what you do. Try out different indomie recipes; this is what makes you unique. It’s inevitable as far as this business is concerned; to be able to whip up a quick fix anytime without stress.


Get a good location

Where you locate this business is very important for the profitability of this business.

Here are factors to be considered when choosing a location for your indomie fast food business:

  • It should be located in a densely populated part of town
  • Get a place closer to high human traffic e.g motor parks, markets, commerce centres, etc
  • It should be located in a school area, e.g University or higher institutions.


Setting up

To set up; you have to acquire the following materials:

  • Cooking equipments such as; pots, frying pan, knife, blender etc
  • Cutleries, including plates, spoon, cups, serving dishes etc
  • Gas stove
  • Cooking platform
  • Furniture
  • Electric power generator set

Once you’ve acquired a shop space or even a open kiosk. You can go ahead and have it decorated to get the kind of attention you desire.

Put up a sign post explaining what you do.


You can first start up with a carton of indomie noodles and one crate of eggs then take it off from there.

Buy vegetables such as carrots, onions, sweet corn, fresh tomatoes, fresh pepper, peas and so on.

You also need to work with other protein sources other than eggs, like corned beef, sausage, sardines etc.

All these will add up to create great recipes and enhance the overall uniqueness of your delicacies.


On the business

While on the business, you have to engage speed so as not to loose customers because once you start, you are guaranteed to get a lot of traffic depending on your location and how efficient your cooking skills are.

Other points to note are:

  • You need to be hygiene conscious
  • Take care to be clean and tidy
  • Be mindful of your customers’ health
  • Exhibit great customer service

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