How to start an indomie sub distributorship business with just N500,000

The success story of indomie noodles in Nigeria is truly worth investing in. Becoming an indomie noodles sub distributor means you have the privilege of getting the products at a much cheaper rate from indomie distributors, which invariably allows for a much larger profit margin. However, most entrepreneurs out there intending to be indomie sub distributors are mostly worried about where and how to source for the seemingly large capital to startup this business. Well, you’re in for luck, because with as low as N250,000 you can actually successfully become an indomie sub distributor. How? Well it’s all explained in the article.


  1. Do some research

To start out, you need to first conduct some research in order to access as much information as you will need to kick start your sub distributorship business. By seeking advice and guidance from established distributors, you are inadvertently positioning your a business to succeed. To ensure that your sub distributorship business starts on a sure footing, you have to be able to avoid pitfalls and common mistakes; and how better than to get information from already established indomie distributors and sub distributors around you? Because, the fact is; just having the funds and zeal is not enough to get you started, you must be able to carry out a detailed background study of the business to ensure that you do not fall prey to the consequences of unpreparedness. It is important that you follow the right processes and channels to be able to enjoy the type of success which other established sub distributors are enjoying around you.


  1. Conduct a market survey

A market survey is designed to help you and your business become more competitive and profitable. Are your business decisions supported by facts and figures? If not, you might just be steering your business off course without even realizing it. Conducting a market survey can help you create a business plan that keeps you going. As wonderful as your being an indomie sub distributor may sound; the fact is that if you don’t have a ready market for it, you will sooner than later go out of business. So, don’t rush things. Just like I said earlier, you need to follow the right channels and processes for you to achieve success in this business. A market research doesn’t have to be difficult or cost a lot of money. For a small business such as yours all you need do is;

  • Decide the purpose of your market study. It could be you want to find out the demand for indomie noodles in your target market, or to find our the major competitors around you, or to determine the exact figures required to startup etc
  • Determine your target customers. Everyone will not be your customer; the earlier you know this, the better. By focusing on a target market, you gain loyal customers that return to your business. Once you pinpoint your target market, you can easily develop marketing strategies around that particular group.


  1. Register your business

A major requirement for being an indomie noodles dealer is a registered company name. You actually stand to gain a lot from registering your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). By registering your business with the CAC, you are simply telling the Government that you exist, as a registered business you become a legal entity and this will give you all the legal backing you will need for your business transactions as you go. To register your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission, an application fee will be required of you, this won’t be more than N50,000. You have to select at least two business names in case any of them has already been incorporated by another business. The whole process of registration takes between 2 – 3 weeks max. You can read up articles on how to register your company with CAC in Nigeria or visit any CAC office close to you; or preferably visit their official website


  1. Acquire a shop outlet

With the kind of budget you have, you should source for a shop space that is affordable and falls within your budget. Other factors to acquiring a shop space are:


  • Proximity to your target customers
  • Accessibility and good road network
  • Proximity to supporting businesses such as restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, hospitals, markets, retail stores, etc


You just have to get a warehouse or some sort of storage facility, however; if your budget is not sufficient to acquire a warehouse, you can always opt for using your house or even your vehicle to store your goods temporarily until you can raise enough capital to rent a warehouse or shop space. So many big commerce businesses actually started off from the garage of a house, so you won’t be the first. N500,000 is more than enough to get you started as an indomie sub distributor. So long as the place is well secured, you’re good to go.


  1. Acquire a distribution van

Next, you need to have a distribution channel in place to easily convey your goods to your customers, this will give you an edge over other sub distributors around you who wait for their customers to come to them. For now, you can start by hiring vehicles, and in no time you should be able to buy at least one distribution truck or van of your own. Don’t rule out the power of taking your goods to your customers; it has more benefits than not, so let this be a part of your budget.


  1. Getting your supplies

An indomie sub distributor falls under a distributor; so as a sub distributor you will be getting your products from an indomie distributor around you, that is how the distribution channel functions. With a working capital of N500,000 you can easily get goods to start transacting with, you also have the privilege of working with your budget, because you don’t necessarily have to order a full truck load. You can order for indomie instant noodles brand worth N500,000 and start off from there.

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